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Wei X, Wang W, Xu P, …, Yang H-Q (杨洪全), Mao Z* (茅志磊). Phytochrome B interacts with SWC6 and ARP6 to regulate H2A.Z deposition and photomorphogensis in Arabidopsis. J Integr Plant Biol. 2021 2021-05-25
Xu P, Chen H, Li T, …, Wang W* (王文秀), Yang H-Q *(杨洪全). Blue light-dependent interactions of CRY1 with GID1 and DELLA proteins regulate gibberellin signaling and photomorphogenesis in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell. 2021 2021-05-07
Mao Z (茅志磊), Wei X, Li L, …,Yang H-Q (杨洪全). Arabidopsis Cryptochrome 1 Controls Photomorphogenesis through Regulation of H2A.Z Deposition. Plant Cell. 2021 2021-03-29
Xin Wei(魏鑫), Jie Qiu(邱杰), Kaicheng Yong, Jiongjiong Fan, Qi Zhang, Hua Hua, Jie Liu, Qin Wang, Kenneth M. Olsen, Bin Han & Xuehui Huang(黄学辉).A quantitative genomics map of rice provides genetic insights and guides breeding. nature genetics .2021 2021-02-10
Wang X, Zhang N, Zhang L, He Y, Cai C, Zhou J, Li J, Meng X(孟祥宗). Perception of the pathogen-induced peptide RGF7 by the receptor-like kinases RGI4 and RGI5 triggers innate immunity in Arabidopsis thaliana. New Phytologist 2021 2021-01-20
Shuang-Xi Xiong, Qiu-Ye Zeng, Jian-Qiao Hou, Ling-Li Hou, Jun Zhu(朱骏), Min Yang, Zhong-Nan Yang(杨仲南), Yue Lou(楼悦).The temporal regulation of TEK contributes to pollen wall exine patterning. PLoS Genetics 2020. 2020-12-08
Zhou J., ..., and Meng X(孟祥宗). Differential Phosphorylation of the Transcription Factor WRKY33 by the Protein Kinases CPK5/CPK6 and MPK3/MPK6 Cooperatively Regulates Camalexin Biosynthesis in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 2020 2020-09-27
Xinhua Chen, Xiaotong Yang(杨晓彤), Jaime de Anda, …. :Clostridioides difficile Toxin A Remodels Membranes and Mediates DNA Entry Into Cells to Activate Toll Like Receptor 9 Signaling. Gastroenterology. 2020 2020-09-10
Yajuan Zhu, Wenjuan Wu(吴文娟), Wei Shao, …, Huang(黄伟华), Jirong Huang(黄继荣):SPLICING FACTOR1 is Important in Chloroplast Development under Cold Stress. Plant Physiology. 2020 2020-09-10
Sha-Sha Du, Ling Li, Li L… Wenxiu Wang(王文秀), Tongtong Guo(郭彤彤),… Zhilei Mao(茅志磊), Hong-Quan Yang(杨洪全): Photoexcited Cryptochrome2 Interacts Directly with TOE1 and TOE2 in Flowering Regulation. Plant Physiology. 2020 2020-09-10
Zi‐Wei Yin(殷子为), Liang Lü, Sh?hei Yamamoto…Dasycerine rove beetles: Cretaceous diversification, phylogeny and historical biogeography (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Dasycerinae). Cladistics. 2020: 1-26 2020-09-10
Wei L?(魏兰珍), Fan B?, Yi J?…… Ma W*(马为民). Mechanistic insights into pH-dependent H2 photoproduction in bisulfite-treated Chlamydomonas cells. Biotechnology for Biofuels(2020), 13:64 2020-04-08
Zhu J(朱骏), Lou L(楼悦) , Shi QS, Zhang S(张森), Zhou WT, Yang J, Zhang C(张丞), Yao XZ(姚小贞)……Wang S(王水), Huang XH(黄学辉) , Yang ZN(杨仲南)*. Slowing development restores the fertility of thermo-sensitive male-sterile plant lines. Nature Plants (2020) 2020-04-01
Zhang W ?(张闻婷), Liu J ?(刘杰), Zhang Y, Qiu J(邱杰)…… Hu F*(胡芬红), Dai S*(戴绍军), Huang X*(黄学辉). A high-quality genome sequence of alkaligrass provides insights into halophyte stress tolerance . SCIENCE CHINA Life Sciences(2020) 2020-03-20
Zhang C, Shuai J, Ran Z, Zhao J(赵娇红)…….Wu J*, Ma W(马为民)*, Lei M*. Structural insights into NDH-1 mediated cyclic electron transfer. Nature Communications, 11, Article number: 888 (2020) 2020-02-25
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