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Peng Zhang, ..., Chanjuan Mao(毛婵娟),..., Yongli Qiao*(乔永利),MEDIATOR SUBUNIT 16 negatively regulates rice immunity by modulating PATHOGENESIS RELATED 3 activity,Plant Physiology,2023 ·
Yunxia He(何云霞), ..., Zhong-Nan Yang(杨仲南), Xiangzong Meng*(孟祥宗),An EPFL peptide signaling pathway promotes stamen elongation via enhancing filament cell proliferation to ensure successful self-pollination in Arabidopsis thaliana,New Phytologist,2023 ·
Si-Yuan Wu, Ling-Li Hou,..., Zhong-Nan Yang(杨仲南), Yue Lou*(楼悦),Ascorbic acid-mediated reactive oxygen species homeostasis modulates the switch from tapetal cell division to cell differentiation in Arabidopsis,The Plant Cell,2023 ·
Qin Wang(王勤),...,Xuehui Huang(黄学辉),Natural variation of ZmLNG1 alters organ shapes in maize,New Phytologist,2022 ·
Zi-Wei Yin(殷子为),...,The first fossil Hybocephalini (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae) from the middle Eocene of Europe and its evolutionary and biogeographic implications,Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny,2022 .
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